Selecting The Best Cable For The Job

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Are you a gamer looking to install a network to better stream 4k & HDR content? Or maybe you’re a new network technician looking to get a clear direction on cable specification?


We wanted to give you the opportunity to refresh your skills, or learn something new that could make your next project infinitely better. With so many low voltage products and materials available for DIYers and networking professionals to choose from, here at trueCABLE we wanted to equip you with as much knowledge as you can take! 


Join networking expert Don Schultz for 90 minutes as he shares his knowledge and best practices around selecting the best cable for the job, expanding into the different types of categories, design and compatibility of all available cables and connectors.

What You’ll Learn

The different jacket types & which is best for your next project

Solid Copper Cable vs. Stranded Patch Cables

Shielded vs Unshielded Jacket Types

Category Selection

Connector and Tool Compatibility

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Customer Reviews

"Don Schultz walked me through how to properly use pass through connectors and the importance of making proper terminations. He emailed me a picture of examples of what bad, good, and great terminations should look like and included a video link that provided me with an overview of the installation process and some great tips to make the job even easier! Don's customer service was over the top and I was extremely impressed!"

Denny S.

"These guys are fantastic. They make bulk ethernet cable ordering a breeze. I chatted with Don on their website and he helped me out with every question I had. I love supporting businesses like these. Kudos"

Nick M.

"I just finished running ~500 ft of this Cat6 cable in my office. This was my first time running cable but with the help of the people at trueCable and the resources provided on the website, I was able to complete the project without any problems."

David S.