• John I.

    VP of Sales and Business Development

    John is the easy going, beach loving, surfer of the group. He enjoys spending his days with his girls - his wife, Kelcie and daughter, Emma. He has a passion for seeing the world and meeting new people along the way. John has been in the industry for several years, and loves that each day is different from the last. 

  • Jessica F.

    VP of Marketing and Business Development

    Jessica has enjoyed watching trueCABLE grow from the ground up. She loves challenges and learning. The thing she most enjoys about her work is watching the team learn and grow. She loves to travel and has spent time living in Mexico, where she discovered her passion for tacos and habanero salsa. Most days she can be found walking her Great Dane, Sebastian, baking or doing something crafty.

  • Kim D.

    Director of Accounting & HR

    Kim serves as our Accounting & HR Director, bringing over 25 years of experience to the team. Her areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, process optimization, audit and financial reporting, and human resources. She is a wealth of knowledge and helps bring out the best in all of us each day. There is no job too big or too small for Kim. She also coordinates our quarterly team building events such as virtual trivia! Fun fact, Kim is a huge Texas Longhorns football fan.

  • Martha H.

    Accounting & HR Specialist

    Martha joined trueCABLE with over 25 years of management experience with an emphasis in customer service and operations, as well as 12 years of experience owning/operating her own small wine boutique. She finds great satisfaction in playing a part of the growth here at trueCABLE and uses all her knowledge to better the company each and everyday. In her downtime you can find Martha spending time with family (especially her two grandsons), traveling, hiking and gardening.

  • Marlenny V.

    Junior Accountant

    Marlenny brings her passion for numbers to trueCABLE as our Junior Accountant. Born and raised in New York City, she currently lives in Georgia and is enjoying the slower paced country life. Marlenny is an eager learner, which is evident knowing that she earned her Bachelors degree AND Masters degree in just 2 years. She has worked in the Accounting & Finance field in a number of different industries during her career. Marlenny enjoys hiking with her dog, reading a good book on her patio and enjoying new experiences with her family.

  • Mikayla M.

    Marketing Manager

    Mikayla’s enthusiasm to learn and grow is inspiring. She began on our customer success team before rising to Marketing Manager. Her experience of getting to know our customers gives Mikayla a unique perspective when communicating with them through our TikTok posts and website content. Mikayla is also learning the ins and outs of running a business to one day be an entrepreneur herself. Outside of work, you can find her at the gym, jetskiing at the local lake, and spending time with her family and dog, Milo.

  • Kevin K.

    Marketing Creative Lead

    Kevin’s creativity and talents shine through in much of the trueCABLE brand. As Marketing Creative Lead, he’s our video editor and social media guru, and oversees all branding decisions. Kevin’s desire to learn and teach others is invaluable. That desire to be the best is shown outside work too, where Kevin skateboards daily. He currently rides on a team for a well known skateboard company.

  • Ann H.

    Customer Success Manager

    Ann’s genuine attitude spills over into her work, whether she’s speaking to customers or coordinating with the team. Her eagerness to learn about the customer and her knowledge of our products makes her a valuable member of our team. Ann’s continually working to improve areas of the business that have a direct impact on our customers' experience. At home, you can find her cooking, listening to vinyl and watching horror movies with her husband.

  • Katelyn H.

    Customer Success Lead

    Katelyn is a customer success guru! With a background in customer service, sales, and marketing, she is a Swiss Army knife of skills. Katelyn is eager to provide a flawless experience for our customers and enjoys building relationships with clients. If you’ve called or sent us a live chat message before, you may have talked to her! In Katelyn’s free time, you can find her running her notary business, exploring her town, or spending time with her fiancé.

  • Kate B.

    Customer Success Specialist

    Kate’s eagerness to learn and grow in customer success shines through every day! With experience in the eCommerce space, she is accustomed to current and new processes and how to create a memorable experience for our customers. Her care and attention to detail provides a white glove service with every interaction she has. Outside of work, Kate enjoys playing video games, spending time with family, and hanging out with her boyfriend and pets at home.

  • Don S.

    Technical Manager

    Don is commonly referred to as Obi Don Kenobi or The King of Content. Since he joined trueCABLE, he’s been on a tear to further his knowledge of our industry and low voltage products as a whole. He’s our Fluke Certified Technician, BICSI INST1, INSTC Certified Networking Expert. If you have a technical question, Don wants to hear it and help you out. His ability to make something technical, easy to understand is a gift like none other. If you’ve read articles in our Cable Academy blog, you’ve read Don’s work.

  • Dave H.

    Technical Specialist

    Dave is a really cool guy on the technical front lines! If you call, email, or initiate a chat for technical help you will likely get Dave first. Dave has extensive Ethernet installation in Federal Government settings and is BICSI INST1 Certified. He lives in MO with his awesome wife, three rambunctious nieces, and very hyper dog Gilly. On top of all this, he can play guitar too.

  • Zach F.

    Procurement and Supply Chain Coordinator

    Zach is another jack of all trades at trueCABLE. His prior background is in operations and logistics but since coming on board, he has sharpened his skills in international logistics and quickly picked up an understanding of procurement. He is hungry to learn more about low voltage products so that we can continue to expand our product catalog to make us a full end to end solution.

  • Nathan G.

    Warehouse Manager

    Nathan built our warehouse operations from the ground up. He started with an empty space and has built efficient processes, thoughtful inventory layout, and a top-notch team. Nathan’s ability to work independently and make decisions, while also being willing to jump in on any task to help the team is invaluable. He’s also great at organizing team building with his crew through team lunches and Blitz ball games. Most of Nathan's time away from trueCable is dedicated to his family. He coaches his daughter's robotics team and enjoys playing video games, reading, and bass fishing.

  • Nick M.

    Warehouse Lead

    Nick has an excellent eye for detail, ideas for process improvements, and is not afraid to ask questions if he thinks he has identified a possible improvement. As he utilizes processes, he studies them over time in an effort to help streamline them for the rest of the team. He has a steady, patient demeanor which lends itself well to his high level of accuracy.

  • Joe T.

    Warehouse Associate

    Joe is the trueCABLE Warehouse Team’s outbound UPS processing monster. He is able to independently handle larger volumes of orders that he can quickly and efficiently process due to his extensive knowledge and utilization of keyboard shortcuts with just about any website based application. He is also the warehouse’s resident prankster, having lighthearted fun with the other staff members, boosting the overall morale of the warehouse team.

  • Jennifer J.

    Warehouse Associate

    Jennifer is driven to learn as much about as many of the warehouse operations as possible. She strives to do everything she can to help propel the warehouse team to success in all operations processes with her helpful, team focused demeanor. Jennifer has a playful attitude that she brings to work each day which shows through the music requests she makes.

  • Evan H.

    Warehouse Associate

    Evan is a member of the Kansas City Warehouse Operations team. He has shown an eagerness to learn as much as he can about the warehouse since day one. He has 3 years of experience in warehousing and distribution which he has put on display with his understanding of warehouse processes. In Evan’s free time he likes to play video games, aspiring chef (burn’s everything he cooks, his words not mine!), and likes to go on scenic drives.

  • Virgil W.

    Warehouse Associate

    Virgil is a member of the Kansas City Warehouse Operations team. He has been with the team since early June and has picked up a solid understanding of warehousing procedures. He is a jack of all trades who is not afraid of hard work. He has work experience as a diesel mechanic, tow truck driver, and warehouse worker, just to name a few of his varied skill sets. Virgil enjoys working on cars, driving fast cars, hunting, and fishing.