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5 stars based on 20 reviews

Cat6 Riser Unshielded

Doyle Davis

Must get if doing a home network.

I recently wired the entire house for a home network. I got this wire based on the good reviews and it did not disappoint. Built with high quality materials, strong, easy to work with, overall a good product.

John P.

Good value Ethernet cable.

I purchased this cable to add Ethernet wiring in the house as part of an addition we were doing. I also took the opportunity to upgrade our CAT 5e to CAT 6 in the entire house. I ended up pulling around 11 lines to various locations in the house, using quite a portion of the 1000 ft roll. I used some to make shorter cables to connect up the computer, server, router, switches, etc. Everything seems to work very well, and there is a noticeable speed improvement moving data around. I'm very satisfied with the price and performance.

Cat6 Riser Shielded


Five Stars.

Stuff is great! Really solved some of the problems we were having running ethernet next to power lines.

John L.

Quality Cables.

Quality cable - as good or better than any cat6 cable I have ever used. The box makes for easy cable pulls - much easier than spools.

Cat6 Plenum Unshielded

Kevin M.

Great Quality.

Great quality, nice brightly color-coded wires with a spiral twisted pair spacer. Good price. On the same job I used some other manufacturers wire with barely-visible color coding, making punch down connections in dim light a royal pain. This stuff is very easy to see.which wires are which.


All Copper, easy to work with.

Great cable, works perfectly with no issues.

Cat6 Plenum Shielded


Strong and Sturdy!.

Being in the IT field, I was very worried about cable ratings and implementation for a project. I called TrueCable and spoke with a rep about the usage and cable runs. To be best prepared, I went above and beyond to use the shielded Plenum CAT6 spool. It is thicker than normal CAT6 because of the shielding but that just provides extra protection and a stronger connection. Keep in mind, the 23 AWG will require CAT6 connectors or punch downs that support the 23 AWG cable. Normal CAT6 connectors will not work so make sure you get some that will be compatible.

Cat6 Direct Burial Unshielded


Stout Cable.

I'm running POE to a number of outside locations. This cable is strong, yet easy to terminate. I'm satisfied.


Five Stars.

Excellent quality, recently used for outdoor use. Well made and well packaged. Spool makes it easy to work with.

Cat6 Direct Burial Shielded


Worth every penny if you are going to have any part of your cables exposed to the elements.

This cable is what you need to install if you are putting it in the ground and going to have it outdoors. Cable's outer shield is nice heavy duty and will definitely keep the elements away from the inner copper lines. After cutting away the outer shield you'll see the foil shield that helps prevent cross-talk & electromagnetic interference. Nice heavy 23AWG solid copper conductors. From what I could see, these are not aluminum clad. I have this cable installed outdoors on a radio tower and then into conduit buried a foot down. It's a full run of nearly 225ft with no issues. It just took a lot of manual labor to pull it that far. But once pulled and installed, I've had no issues.

Cat5e Riser Unshielded

Good Cat5e Product

Stout Cable.

Works very well. This was my first time running CAT5e cable from the basement to an upper level room, and terminating with plugs. The cable pulled easily from the box. My total run is about 60 feet, and I'm getting the full 500Mbps speed that I'm paying for. Was previously getting about 170Mbps using Wi-Fi.

Michael T.

Great Cabling.

Great cabling. Very easy extraction when pulling from the box. This makes it a breeze for long runs as you don't need to pull out lots of cable to prevent breakage when pulling. There is a small pre-made retaining hole just to the right of the cable exit to retain the end so that it does not get pulled back into the box or damaged in transport.

Cat5e Riser Shielded

Patrick W.

Quality Product.

Very nice package. No snags pulling. Nice, full shielding and rapid shipping. Ran some about 40’ under a floor for HDMI and no hiccups.

Cat5e Plenum Unshielded

Roy B.


Exactly as described and as delivered in a carton that feeds the wire out easily. A real big help working alone!

Cat5e Direct Burial Unshielded

Bill B.

Exactly as advertised – High Quality.

I researched a lot of CAT5 cables. Found that the cheaper ones were actually aluminum wiring with a copper outer coating. The reason that this matters is because they BREAK much easier. This one is 100% copper. I had a 300' pull through underground conduit with another cable already inside it. Also about 8 ninety-degree bends. It required a fairly hefty pull especially the last six feet or so. When I hooked it up to my security camera, it worked perfectly. I'm very, very happy with it. AND - it's totally waterproof.


Five Stars.

Very durable wire for outdoor use. Very please with this product

Cat5e Direct Burial Shielded


Perfect for outdoor installation.

Wire was packaged nice and neat like advertised. When I got to my install the cable unraveled clean off the reel, no kinks or nicks on the wire. The cable itself is high quality material. Ill be using this product moving forward for all my outdoor applications.

Paul P.

Super cat5e cable, bombproof

Best cat5 cable I have ever used, hands down; you could run internet anywhere with this stuff.

Cat6A Riser Unshielded


Quick Delivery and very good cable.

Quick delivery and very good cable. It is not as flexible as 5e but when you compare performance from 6a to 5e, there is no comparison and data bandwidth is just going to expand every year. Easy to strip and tip.

Cat6A Riser Shielded


Solid well assembled cable.

Very solid high-quality cable at an amazing price.