Copper Fabric Strips

  • EMI/RFI shielding strips
  • Dual-sided conductive adhesive
  • Ideal for shielded terminations
  • 10 strips per sheet - 10 sheets per pack

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Tired of folding back your cable shield or wrapping the drain wire around the keystone jack neck only to have it uncoil itself? Drain wire getting in your way while putting on your RJ45 plug? The solution to your problems is this durable, yet flexible conductive adhesive copper-infused fabric strip.

Remove the foil shield from your cable, wrap the drain wire around the cable jacket, and tack it down with these strips. Out of your way, and with proper electrical contact.


  • Manufactured using electroless Cu + Ni plating. The dual-sided conductive adhesive allows current to flow through both sides of the strips.

Easy to Use

  • Greatly simplifies the termination of the ground wire and cable shield to keystone jacks, RJ45 connectors, field term plugs, etc.


  • The flexible fabric has higher tensile strength and is more forgiving compared to bare copper foil strips or tape.

Field-Tested, Customer Approved

  • Add these copper strips to your toolbox and make your shielded terminations easier than ever.
  • Part Number - CUStrips_100pc
  • Operating Temp. Range -
  • Max. Operating Voltage -
  • Conductor Insulation Diameter -
  • Overall Diameter (OD) -
  • Weight - 0.0 lbs
  • Length - 6.25 in
  • Width - 3.5 in
  • Height - 0.25 in