Nathan Gulledge Joins trueCABLE

Nathan Gulledge Joins trueCABLE

You’ll find Nathan Gulledge out on the floor of trueCABLE’s new warehouse. He’ll be the first to tell you that he’s not one for sitting in his office. Even before hiring his team or receiving much inventory, he did a daily Gemba walk of the empty warehouse floor. He attests to the Gemba principle that real improvements must be done on the warehouse floor and not from an office.

“Though some of the work I do does involve handling some things at a desk, it is definitely not my style. I prefer to take a boots on the ground approach to warehousing and distribution. I enjoy getting out on the warehouse floor with the team, getting dirty, and working hard to get our team’s daily goals accomplished,” Nathan explained.

Gulledge on forklift at trueCABLE

Nathan was hired in August to be the warehouse manager at our new location in Kansas City, Missouri. His first task was to travel to our location in Columbus, Ohio to train with the team that has been running inventory management and order fulfillment. Those guys in Columbus are a well-oiled machine, so Nathan learned from the best. He then returned to Kansas City with a 20,000 square-foot blank slate. Over the past few weeks Nathan has been working to set up operations; assembling furniture, ordering shipping supplies, planning warehouse layout for maximum efficiency and shopping for material handling equipment.

“It is exciting to get to be a part of the team effort to get trueCABLE Kansas City operations up and running! We are already off to a great start! Having a blank canvas to start with allowed our team to examine the best ways to make our warehouse a safe and easy place for our team to complete our work,” said Nathan.

Nathan brings 12 years of warehouse and operations experience to trueCABLE. He’s got the right skills to complement our growing team. In his previous position, Nathan was Distribution Center Supervisor with a team of 28 people. This is exactly the type of expertise trueCABLE needs as we expand our distribution.

Nathan’s primary focus is on efficiency using metric-based decisions. This includes evaluating safety, quality, delivery and cost utilizing LEAN principles. Nathan wants to know all the facts before making decisions. He’ll be working to perfect our processes to ensure the best customer experience.

“The grassroots of providing the best possible price and service to our customers always starts by being where the work is being done, the warehouse floor. Daily safety, order picking accuracy, process efficiency, and expedient handling of customer orders are all achieved through constant, careful, detail-oriented observation of all of our processes. We always seek to understand all of these different processes as they occur in the warehouse from start to finish and never settle for the status quo for any of them,” Nathan elaborated.

The new trueCABLE warehouse in Kansas City, Missouri puts our product closer to you. With a location in the center of the country, we can reach more of the U.S. quicker. One of Nathan’s first tasks as warehouse manager was to hire a warehouse associate. He’ll be growing his team as we grow the business. We are also expanding our product offering, so inventory will continue to grow in Kansas City.

Where can you find Nathan when he’s not at work?

Nathan enjoys spending time with his wife, Becca, and two daughters, Stella and Shelby. Nathan and Becca can be found cheering on their oldest daughter Stella, and her robotics teammates, on team Galactech at one of their FIRST STEM FTC Robotics competitions. Or helping their youngest daughter Shelby’s blossoming creativity with her latest craft project. Or he may simply be relaxing outside in the hammock reading a good fantasy/sci-fi book (currently the Lightbringer series) or bass fishing around the greater Kansas City area.

Nathan said, “Having a work life and home life balance is pretty important to me. When I am at work, I work hard to provide excellent customer service and a great customer experience by utilizing all of my skills gained over the last 12 years. At the same time, I never forget the main reason I am working hard, which is my family. I always make sure that I never get so caught up in providing a living for them, that I forget to help provide great lives for them, by spending time with them and enjoying as many of life’s experiences together as we can.”


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