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Using trueCABLE's EZ Termination Keystone Jack Tool

Using trueCABLE's EZ Termination Keystone Jack Tool

Written by Don Schultz, Technical Sales Representative and Fluke Networks Certified Technician

Terminating punch down keystone jacks can be a bit tedious and time consuming.  Not to mention tiring!  With that in mind, trueCABLE developed our very own EZ punch down jack termination tool.  We call it the trueTERM.  This tool will greatly speed up projects that require large numbers of punch down keystones.

Our trueTERM tool:

  • Massively increases termination speed and accuracy
  • Reduces the possibility of damaging your keystone jack or cable
  • Relieves installation fatigue with our soft grip handles
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Tested with our trueCABLE line of unshielded punch down keystone jacks for all Categories and with our brand of unshielded structure Ethernet cable
  • Is of course covered by our Forever Warranty against defects and breakage

If you are wondering what the difference is between punch down keystone jacks and tool-less, see Toolless Keystone Jacks vs Punch Down Keystone Jacks: What's the Difference?

We provide a fast “how to” video to demonstrate our tool below, and we recommend you watch it as well as read this blog.  Both mediums bring something to the table.



Tool walk-around

Tool head showing the seating and flush cut mechanism

Tool head showing the seating and flush cut mechanism


Although the tool head height is adjustable by turning the lock collars, this is unnecessary for regular use.

The trueTERM EZ termination tool will not work with other brands of punch down keystone jacks.  All punch down keystone jacks have slight dimensional differences from brand to brand.

Operating handle open

Operating handle open

Operating the trueTERM EZ keystone jack termination tool is simple:

  • Pre-thread the conductors into the proper T568A or T568B color code sequence
  • Place the pre-threaded keystone jack into the tool cavity and fully close the mechanism.
  • That’s it!  Put the IDC cap onto the keystone jack and you are done.

Detailed instructions for terminating our unshielded punch down keystone jacks are found in How to: Terminate an Unshielded Punch Down Keystone Jack.

Yes, it really is that simple!

Yes, it really is that simple!


Final thoughts…

  • There will be some occasions where the conductors don’t fully flush cut off.  That is normal, and is due to the twists/kinks in the conductors not all being in the same position all of the time.  It is a simple matter of lightly pulling to remove them, as most of the flush cut will be done.
  • DO NOT  lubricate the tool head (termination area) of this tool
  • Twice a year, or more often as needed, use a precision needle oiler to place a few drops on the hinge mechanism as pointed out below.  Three very small drops are all that is needed.  Use a high quality firearms grade PTFE (Teflon) bearing lubricant.
  • Although the tool is rust resistant, a quick wipe down with a silicone “gun and reel” cloth is recommended to prevent fingerprint rust occurring in very humid climates.

 Three small drops of oil at the indicated points

Three small drops of oil at the indicated points

So, there you have it.  A simple tool that takes a lot of the pain out of your cabling project.  Please drop us a line to let us know how it works for you, and include pictures if possible.  We would like to use them with your permission.



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