Parallel Crimping Pliers

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  • Specifically designed for trueCABLE toolless keystone jacks and field term plugs. Our dual-level parallel crimping pliers handle the most common 90-degree closure mechanisms and field termination plugs on the market. The ultra-stable platform allows for perfect terminations every time, ensuring consistency from jack to jack.


  • Tool grade carbon steel. These toolless keystone jack crimping pliers will last you the rest of your life.


  • Unlike the plastic devices on the market, this balanced precision tool has rubberized TPE handles for all-day-long comfort. In return, it enhances the consistency of terminations due to less strain on you.


  • No larger than your typical adjustable pliers, this tool is spring-loaded and locks closed for easy storage.

Field-Tested, Customer Approved

  • Add this tool to your bag today and make your terminations hassle-free from here on out. CE, Reach, and RoHS compliant. 
  • Part Number - trueCLOSE
  • Weight - 0.8 lbs
  • Length - in
  • Width - in
  • Height - in