Free Whitepaper: The Residential Ethernet Network Install From A-Z

Free Whitepaper: The Residential Ethernet Network Install from A-Z

Written by Don Schultz, trueCABLE Technical Sales Representative & Fluke Networks Certified Technician

You had a hard day at work. You come home and flip on your smart TV to catch up on your favorite Amazon Prime or Netflix shows. Your TV says “connecting”. It still says “connecting” five minutes later. It finally connects. Or not. What you get is choppy and barely watchable. Your irritation level rises. You just want to watch TV!

Welcome to the current state of home networking. Many households don’t have dedicated Ethernet cable to connect critical things like a smart TV or gaming console. When it comes to streaming quality content, like 4K programming or HDR (High Dynamic Range) with any reliability, you really need to go wired.

We will show you how to construct a small, residential network.

In this 19-page whitepaper we will deep dive into the following areas:

  • Defining your needs
    • Is your Internet fast enough?
    • What is your budget?
  • Planning out your installation
    • Know your environment
    • Equipment selection
    • What tools and accessories are needed?
  • How to install the equipment and where
    • Have a basement? That is the perfect place to start
  • Testing your Ethernet cable
    • Remember that $10 “blinky” tester you bought? This is a good place to use it
  • WiFi considerations

You’ll get step-by-step instructions and photos for a do-it-yourself solution. The assumption is that you are not going to run in the opposite direction from dust, power tools, and some sweat. So, if you are ready to take the plunge, here we go.

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