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Ethernet Cable

Our high-quality bulk Ethernet cables are available in Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A. Manufactured with solid, bare-copper conductors for better conductivity and flexibility. In our collection, you’ll find several styles of Ethernet supplies for various applications.

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Fiber Optic

Our fiber optic supplies enable you to create a robust infrastructure that supports seamless communication, efficient data transfer, and uninterrupted productivity. Experience the transformative power of fiber optics and propel your business forward. 

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Coaxial Cable

Our high-quality coax cables are manufactured with solid, bare copper conductors, the ideal material for data transmission, low voltage and satellite installations. Our bulk coaxial cable has been sweep tested up to 3GHz.

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RJ45 Connectors

All our connector styles are thoroughly tested and proven in the field by real installers to work with our cable and tools as a system. Ease of use is the name of the game, streamlining your installation whether you are a beginner or professional.

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Patch Panels

Choose from top-rated patch panels ready for data centers, offices, industrial settings, and much more! Our high-quality patch panels known for simplicity and reliability come in both shielded and unshielded variations, ready for any installation!

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Keystone Jacks

We offer a broad range of keystone jacks for in-wall and patch panel applications. They are component rated for more stable speeds and durable terminations. Our keystone jacks are tested with our cables as a system on our Fluke DSX-8000.

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Ethernet Couplers

We offer a broad range of Ethernet cable couplers for in-wall and patch panel applications. Shielded, unshielded, keystone jack, and in-line in every common ANSI/TIA 568 recognized Category. Our Cat6 Ethernet couplers are tested with every type of bulk Ethernet cable we sell as a system with our Fluke DSX-8000.

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You rely on your tools to perform. We designed ours to last a lifetime and backed them with a Forever Warranty. We guarantee quality construction, precision and value. Streamline your job and pick up a set of quality tools for your bag.

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Easy, fast, and reliable

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“I checked several websites for direct burial CAT6A cable but most had incomplete information like whether or not it was in stock, what brand it was, how much shipping costs were, and so on. When I came across the trueCABLE site all of that disappeared and everything I needed to decide on a purchase and then some was readily available. The search was quick and efficient, giving me pictures and descriptions of the results. One click and the page showed the cable, a summary of its specs and capabilities, the price including quantity discounts, the estimated delivery date, a link to a full spec sheet, colors that were available, and my favorite, links to accessories that were compatible with the cable! Right there in front of me was everything I needed to make a decision on the cable, plus several connectors which fit the cable as well as crimp tools for those connectors. What a great website, no more spending hours doing research, emailing for pricing and delivery details, or guessing about this or that spec/feature because the web designer didn't bother to include the information.”

- J Cooper

Happy DIY Customer

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“Your company is outstanding in many ways that seal my support for you. Pricing on many products is significantly better than your competitors...especially when your characteristics exceed theirs. Your cable terminations are easy to use for a better price. Yes, I could spend double the cost on terminators and Yes, they look pretty, but yours will work simply fine. Your products also allow me to future proof for technology that will be in place for a long, long time. Your academy of information is SPECTACULAR. I tell all my friends the source of technical procedures and performances every detail has on proper installations. Thank you for your continued support of the DIY and others."

-William H.

trueCable? Of course!

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“I was skeptical at first. I don't do garbage cable. PERIOD. EVER. But it's hard to find reputable sellers as a home/small business guy that aren't trying to pass off trash cable and hardware as a "quality" product. I like trueCABLE because of their simpler approach to offering solutions. Prices are about what you expect but it's legit QUALITY stuff. trueCABLE’s site makes the specs and sizes very clear which helps you to pair up cables and connectors. Also... Their products are ANSI/ETL listed. Certified. This is very important and they nailed that down. I just bought a new house! So I'm installing some hardcore Aruba wifi gear! I needed excellent cable for POE+ access points. So I bought a 1000ft reel of Cat6A CMR 750MHz, modular connectors (MDPTRJ45_50pc), and a really handy cable caddy for the reel. I'm VERY happy with the results. Shopping at their site was easier and seemed to be cheaper than on Amazon. Shipping was actually LIGHTNING FAST, too. Was very surprised by that! I'm grateful to have finally found a reliable provider of cabling gear that I can now have as a go-to. Thanks, trueCABLE! Ya made my freakin' day!”

- Cory K.